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Scriptural Spiritual Warfare Part III

Scriptural Spiritual Warfare
Part III
Putting It into Practice

Deliverance: This simple procedure, based strictly on authority backed by Abba, has become very complicated by overactive imaginations of Charismatic Christians. Accompanied by screaming at the Devil, carrying a bucket for people to vomit in, and all sorts of hocus pocus rituals, few look at the Word and practice what Messiah and His Apostles demonstrated. Some play games with the spirits, and the spirits end up jumping on them like they did on the sons of Sceva. Most of what charismatic Christianity teaches as “intercession” and “spiritual warfare” is no more than zeal without knowledge, at the least, and witchcraft at the most…but certainly NOT backed by Yahweh, Elohim of Israel. This is why the “sons of Sceva” scenario happens so much. Sceva was a Torah-guarding priest, and most likely his sons were also. But, in their zeal without knowledge, not to be outdone by the Apostles, they stepped into an arena that was way out of their league. Again, I emphasize, do not step beyond your boundaries that are backed by Abba Yahweh, and do not get into the “flesh” in your zeal, for only those under the Spirit’s strict control on all they say and do, who are trusted to be backed by Yahweh, will be able to speak with authority and get rid of the enemy. Unless you are living as a servant, hearing from the Master and obeying on a daily basis, you are not qualified to enter into the battle of the ages.
In this final study on the subject of spiritual warfare, for now that is, I become intensely personal. The reason being only one—that we are entering a battle to the death, where the enemy won’t just be a “bump in the night” but manifesting openly as Nephilim (demon/human, Rephaim (giants), long walkers, DNA mutates of all types (human/animal, human/reptile, human/bird, human/sea creatures, human/plant, human/robotics—transgenic/transhumanism/eugenics), without conscience, driven by a lust for blood. The increase in Lucifer’s demands for human sacrifice is obvious. The brutality of man with Satan’s mind will be beyond the comprehension of most in the ease-loving west. Unless you’ve come out of Satanism and been delivered by the power of Yahweh, few will understand what is coming. I’ve written a lot on what happens when the mind shuts down—how to live out of the re-born spirit and function by its mind. I’ve lived this type of life. As I’ve said so many times, when I was dying of malaria and couldn’t think of my own name, I was very alert and even preached to a

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congregation three times, propped up with pillows, because I heard Him speak in my spirit and repeated what He said. I’ve known His voice since early childhood.
So, I know that when the mind shuts down, the spirit will carry me through. But, I’ve found that most people who consider themselves “spiritual” have no concept of living out of their re-born spirit, and obeying a personal Master, nor of the basics of discipleship, nor of the life of a servant—basics in the eastern Hebrew-minded Word.
In this article I give you a small view of how He trained me in spiritual warfare, and how He built my bold faith, so that I can teach others who desperately need to know this information. I had to learn quickly for my own survival and that of my children. But, out of it, Abba filled me with Himself, and His Spirit has taught me what I pass on to you. Those who have come out of the depths of Satan will understand thoroughly what I say.
We’re about to enter a battle akin to Numbers 13, only worse and worldwide (Refer to: “Facing the Anakim”). Only two, Joshua and Caleb, out of millions were willing to go into battle, because they believed what Abba Yahweh had said, and believed He was able to fulfill. It takes bold faith in this battle! Faith must be based on only one thing—what has He said! Abraham, our father in faith, based his faith on one thing—the Word of Yahweh. Christianity and its Messianic additions have not taught the nature of the Person of Yahweh, but a watered down version of compared to Greek and Roman gods whose personalities fit what each individual conjures up in their own mind. Few take the time to know the real Elohim. But, in this battle, only the Joshua’s and Caleb’s will survive!
Joshua 1:9: “Have not I commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid, nor be discouraged, for Yahweh your Elohim is with you wherever you go”. Joshua 14:7-14 tells the reward of Caleb’s obedience’---“because he wholly followed Yahweh his Elohim”.
We all have major decisions to make. We can sacrifice our life to hold on to what Yahweh is soon to destroy, or lay down our life for the Messiah and His soon-coming Kingdom, and eternal rewards. Every day we make this decision.
Make sure He knows you, and knows you well. Otherwise you’re out there on your own. If you’re used to living by your head’s reasoning, and logic, and in your pride of your abilities to produce, you do not know Him well enough to be backed by Him. He only speaks to the re-born spirit that contacts eternity--for it is there that He gives His commands to His faithful ones.
Because of the suffering and intense training I had to learn for self preservation, I have been able to stand against the enemy and help others be free. One night I was praying for believers in a church in Kampala, Uganda. They were lined up, heads bowed, and waiting for me to minister to them. The first one was the pastor’s wife. I asked her to raise her head. And when she did, the Spirit in me, and the Spirit in her leapt in our spirits and we hugged and rejoiced, for we were

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Both filled with Abba’s Spirit. Oh how I love when that happens! The next lady began growling as I approached her. I asked her to look at me, and I saw the demons moving across her eyes. I asked her name. I then addressed her, after telling the growling spirit to shut up, and asked her if she wanted to be delivered. She could hardly speak, but said “yes”. Never try to deliver anyone unless they are in total agreement. Yahweh respects our human will! You have no authority over the human will of another person! This lady was gloriously set free, as were others that night.
Like with a ravenous dog, if they smell fear they attack quickly. I learned early on to have zero fear of the demonic world, and of humans and animals that are controlled by the demons.
A demon is no more than a disembodied fallen angel, under Lucifer/Satan’s control. I learned the hard way that, like their leader, they are insane, but incredibly brilliant, and incredibly powerful if allowed to manifest. Those possessed, or in final stages of demonizing, usually manifest multiple personalities, and can fool the best of the naïve. They are sadists. Most are sexual perverts of the most wicked (twisted) kind—delighting in homosexuality, the abuse of women and children, as in sadomasochism. Sadomasochism is not only a sexual perversion, but a lifestyle. A person is rejected or hurt, and their internalized anger is fed by deep self-pity. They use their hurt as an excuse to “punish” the person they think has rejected or hurt them. The person responds against the “punishment”, and they joyfully feel rejected and unloved. Feeling hurt is a pleasure-pain to them. Thus the cycle goes round and round. The punishment is usually to tie a person up, gag them, whip them, and continue to torture them. There are nightclubs for sadomasochists, where people can whip each other until they bleed. I speak of the Catholic Church’s belief in “expiation” later on in this article and of the Flagellates who whip themselves until they bleed to atone for their sin. A religious spirit often accompanies sexual perversion. This is the base of why people get into such a sexual cycle, because they can’t get rid of their sin, so they have to abuse themselves and others. I am no psychiatrist but I’ve learned from what I suffered personally for many years. Repentance for sin is rejected. There is no remorse. Without repentance there can be no salvation, because without totally coming out of the kingdom of darkness, there can be no entrance into the Kingdom of light. There is no spirit of repentance on those who are controlled by demons, for the fallen angels (demons) cannot repent. There are many who appear to be so nice and spiritual, yet live in the “depths of Satan” with their soul--mind, intellect, emotions and will--controlled by Satan and his fallen ones.
Now that I understand the mind of the evil one so thoroughly, and of those he

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Inhabits, I can say with all my heart: “I reject the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and all the offers of the kingdom of darkness, and choose only to eat of the tree of life from the Garden of Yahweh!”
The demonic world hates anything of the nature of Yahweh. Thus, they go after, with great glee, anyone who is born of the Spirit of Yahweh and who walks in His nature. The final battle to eliminate all of Yahweh’s people from the earth has begun. Colleges teaching trans-humanism—are working on eliminating
The human race as it is, in the image of Yahweh, and producing a race of hybrids that they consider to be better.
The demonic world has no sense of repentance, for their judgment was passed at the beginning of the last age, and they know they cannot repent. (Refer to the Book of Enoch I) They are paranoid and schizophrenic. Yet, they are very religious. They are legalists. They delight in controlling the minds of people. They deceive the minds of people who do not know Yahweh and His Word. They counterfeit what Yahweh does so as to deceive “even the elect, if possible”. They drive a person to do as they will. They arrange circumstances to deceive and capture the foolish. They love negative emotions! They love anger, fury, rage, murder, rape, and theft, but also they love whining, self-pity, crying, wailing, and the true suffering of mankind. They feed on it. Whiny women are especially their delight. Teenage girls going through puberty are a prime target because of the negative feelings that accompany “PMS”.
Those 100% demon possessed, and even demonized people (under demonic control without realizing it) have the nature of the fallen angels. But, all humans who are not under the control of Yahweh’s Spirit have a nature that is prone to be like the fallen angels.
The fallen ones have no mercy, no compassion, only sadistic lust to have their own way. They camouflage themselves, a great deal of the time as Christians or Messianic. Here we have a clear description of their deceit: II Corinthians 11:13-15: “For such are false emissaries, deceptive workers, masquerading as emissaries of Messiah. And no wonder! For Satan he masquerades as an angel of light! It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness, whose end shall be according to their works”.
It is amazing how many witches and warlocks are in the churches, and in Messianic congregations--hiding their true nature, but controlling and manipulating. Many of these hiding ones are pastors and elders in the assembly. Witchcraft and its Jezebel spirit are rising to new heights in the world today. Such is the warning to the assembly of Thyatira—for they condoned one with a Jezebel spirit, who took her victims into the depths of Satan. (Revelation 2:18-29) She manipulates people to sin. She also goes after those with a calling like Eliyahu for the kill.
The python/anaconda spirit, which includes the Jezebel spirit, is the major spirit

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Over America, headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. Many have told me that they feel “crushed”. This is the work of the python/anaconda. The anaconda, a type of python, is the largest snake on earth. It hits its victims in the head, stunning or knocking them down, and then it proceed to wrap itself around its prey tightly, then it drags its prey under the mud, where it slowly devours it. Do you feel like this is happening to you? Those who have been in Satanism will know well what I say here.
In the concentration camps that in the U.S., waiting for the martial law where people will be rounded up and put in them, along with torture and death, the
Guillotines, and the hard labor, will be rape camps, where young women will be used as breeders for babies who will be sacrificed to Lucifer. This is reality.
Those who have been into Satanism will understand the horrors of this reality.
Satan/Lucifer is requiring more and more blood sacrifices, and when he is thrown out of the planetary system into the earth (Revelation 12), he will go about to get blood sacrifice, especially of the set-apart ones. The mind of Satan is exemplified in this type of insanity--also the minds of the servants of Satan.
This is the kind of “battle” that is coming upon the earth, along with the nuclear, famine, disease, and the release of the mutates. In His mercy, He will allow many of His people to die quickly. But, He has a Gideon 300 that know how to wage war to the victory. (Judges 7)
In deliverance, we boldly speak to the spirits by what they do. In calling off death, we speak to the spirit of death—it is a strongman. Make sure that you are in tune with the voice of Abba, so that He can instruct you as to the manner of deliverance. There is no formula. The spirits are fallen angels of different ranks. They can only stay in someone as long as that person wills them to stay. It is amazing how many so-called believers want to stay in their condition of illness, or infirmity, or of demonizing, for it gets them attention and pity. But, we have no authority to go beyond human will. Neither do we have authority to go beyond Abba’s will. Shut down your analyzing mind – when obeying the Master, just do as He says, no more, no less!
And, we can speak the word of deliverance over others IF we have no open doors to the enemy in our own lives, otherwise, they know it, and have an open door to come against us. Many times, arrogance and pride in one’s own spirituality is an open door – deceiving ourselves into thinking we are good, when we’re not.
Many times Western culture makes excuses for what Abba calls wrong, and we view niceness as goodness, false mercy as kindness, and false responsibility as serving the Master, and false tolerance as love.

In casting out demons, Messiah always used the firm command, and then they came out. The Apostles followed Messiah’s methodology. His ways always work!
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NEVER touch anyone who is demonized, oppressed or possessed. Demons jump from one person to another. Never touch anyone whom you are trying to get delivered. Do NOT anoint with oil when doing deliverance.
The anointing of oil is only to be done under Abba’s strict instructions, for healing, and for the setting apart of His servants.
Mark 6:13: “And they cast out many devils, and anointed with oil many that were sick and healed them.”
Ya’cob (James) 5:14: “Is any sick among you? Let him call for the elder of the assembly and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the Name of
Yahweh and the prayer of faith shall save the sick and Yahweh shall raise him up, and if he has committed any sins they shall be forgiven”.
Anointing for healing is valid. In the days of old, anointing the priests was valid. But, nowhere does the Word say to anoint a demon possessed or demonized person for deliverance.
Luke 10:17-19: “And the seventy returned again with joy, saying `Master, even the devils were subject to us through Your Name’. And He said to them, `I beheld Satan as lightening fall from heaven. Behold I give you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Notwithstanding, rejoice not in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rather rejoice because your names are written in heaven’ Why are we not to use oil to anoint the demonized? -- Won’t the set-apart oil set them apart and cleanse them? The answer is “NO”.
One day Abba instructed me to teach the book of Haggai everywhere I went. He stressed Haggai 2:11-13 to teach and warn. “Thus says Yahweh of hosts, `now, ask the priests concerning the Torah saying: If one bears set-
apart meat in the fold of his garment, and with the edge he touches bread or stew, or wine or oil, or any food, is it set-apart?’ And the priests said, ‘No’. And Haggai said, `If someone defiled by a dead body touches any of these, is it defiled?’ And the priests said, `it is defiled’ ”.
If you take what is undefiled--set-apart to Yahweh--and place it on something defiled (a common Christian practice), you not only do not make it undefiled but you bring defilement onto yourself. You stir up demons against yourself, as with the sons of Sceva.
Many take oil, or symbols of His body and blood, and put them on demonic strongholds, on gates, on portals of the enemy, thinking that will bring His Presence and change things. This is spiritual foolishness. This is a religious game that can be deadly. “Anointing oil”, that has been set apart by prayer, for example, which is put on demonic strongholds--gates and portals of the enemy— does not set-apart the defiled, but the presence of the undefiled actually stirs up the demons out of their comfort zones, and causes them to attack.
If Abba wants us to come against demonic strongholds, it is done by declaration and proclamation of His Word and His Name, with His

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Authority backing and His full trust that we say nothing and do nothing in our own zeal, but are totally 100% committed and submitted to Him. He will not back hocus pocus foolishness! Learn this lesson well, because if you don’t you’ve opened a door in which the enemy has every legal right to kill, steal and destroy you and your family!
Watch your tongue in the presence of the enemy. Don’t say foolish things,
Or doing religious rituals like the hocus pocus of “pleading the blood”—which I’ve discussed previously. The undefiled only rouses the defiled to violence.
If you are defiled, hiding sin, and you touch what is undefiled, you can defile whatever and whomever you touch. In other words, we can’t make anything pure by our religious zealot rituals, but the impure can sure make us impure.
The demonic spirits can and will follow you home unless you tell them to go to the “dry places” and not return, for they are legalists. If they come home with you, you might even see them in your house, but things will change—they will begin to destroy your home, your family, your health, the health of your children, bring financial ruin, and even death.

I have written three articles on mind control, even giving the particulars from the Illuminati handbook, as to what has been done to the American people. I have warned against the “sound of silence” technology on all TVs now—which can send a hypnotic ray that will stun and suspend the thinking of those watching. But, even greater, when the Beast comes to power with his entourage of fallen angels, appearing as benevolent “aliens”, they will come with hypnotic power that will take over the minds of the people of the earth—suspend their ability to think--then fill their minds with what the demons want them to think. Only those who know how to hear and live and act from their re-born Spirit will be able to survive this assault on the mind! Think this scenario is not real? Go to II Thessalonians 2 and Revelation 13, and read about the deceptive signs and wonders that the false prophet will do to get the world to worship “the Dragon” and the Beast. Right now, a great number of the world’s people are calling for “the Dragon” to come, and the ancient gods to return.
I know what it is like to have “little short people” walking down the hallway of my house, seen by children who came to spend the night with my children, as well as big 7’ ones I’ve seen of late, also seen by friends. Once forty nicely potted houseplants went sailing across the dining room, splattering all over the floor. Creatures were walking in the attic, appearing to my children. We felt the breathing of cold air on our face. I saw their little teeth marks all over my baby one morning. I know about their hiding things as part of their impish games. I’ve seen the black cloud-type demons moving around the baseboards of the house, growing in size when negative emotions were displayed. Sounds like an

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episode from Star Trek doesn’t it? But, this is no sci-fi. I learned by what Abba allowed me to experience for myself. By my learning, I know that there is no Elohim but Yahweh and Yahushua Yahweh! I know my Abba is El Elyon, the Most High! He is El Shaddai, the Almighty! He is the most awesome and wonderful Person in the universe! He is my Abba! I know Him for myself, and He knows me. He is 100% set-apart and outside the world of Lucifer and his fallen ones—the world of illusion, deception, and destruction. He calls us to join Him outside of Lucifer’s world!
At different times He has allowed me to study the depths of the mind of the satanic world and to learn of the plans for the take over of the human race, and planet earth by the fallen ones and their human agents. I often asked Him why He allowed me to know these things, and now I realize it is because I know enough to reject the kingdom of darkness in all of its deceptions. What have I gotten out of my studies of the kingdom of darkness? – He asked me that – “what have you learned?” I said: “I learned Isaiah 40-46--You are Yahweh, and there is none besides you!”
Demons can molest children sexually. Demons still rape women to produce their hybrids. If you have a satanic past, you understand these things. You understand the depths of evil that few have encountered. I knew a young woman whose mother was in the Hell’s Angel’s gang. She had been raped by demons, and observed by others while it was happening. Later, like her mother, this girl became gloriously born again and filled with the Spirit of Elohim.
These wicked ones go after those whom they know will be a threat to them in the future, for they understanding the choosing of Yahweh. Many think they are being attacked by the Devil when something goes wrong in their lives, but usually it is no such thing—for they are not “worthy” of his attacks. Most people are not a threat to the evil one—they still have one foot in his kingdom.
I understand what it means for America to be crushed by the python/anaconda spirit—symbol of the god Apollo (Apollyon). Because of the veil over religion that prevents people from seeing reality, many who operate in these demonic spirits pose as Christian ministers, or are leaders in churches. Religion is all about control of people, money and power. There are a lot of women, and some men too, who understand what it is like to live with a “minister” who is abusive. Unfortunately, this is becoming more and more common. Most Christians are so naïve that most do not even believe such things exist. They do not believe in the powers of witches and warlocks. They do not know the depths of the insane mind of one totally demon possessed. The insanity of the demonic world is seen in horror movies, but few realize its reality, especially when it is hidden behind a mask of spirituality. I’ve seen very demonic people called “sweet” and “precious” because of their religious act. By this Satan fools the naïve and ignorant.
The more Word we learn from the Spirit, the more we follow His leading in

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absolute obedience, the more He teaches us, the more He can tell us the truth about what we are seeing!
Be careful who you submit your mind and emotions to. Beware – for who we submit to, we also give them power and authority over us. What will the naïve ones do in the future, when the mind of Satan is unleashed on all mankind?
When Abba instructed me to give away all that I had and move to Jordan (1999), where I lived 8 years, I began studying the Word like never before, even though I’d taught Tenach in Bible colleges. He started my writing and researching, and ministering like never before, especially from 2001.
I write these things to strengthen you – to encourage you – and to exhort you to know Him as He is! He delivered me from death many times, and from the depths of satanic hell. “He put my feet on a Rock, and established my going”. (Psalm 40:1-3) Thus, as I bring you this wisdom, I do it with His love, for it was His love that set me free. My love for Him is my all-consuming passion. It drives me onward and upward, for soon my Bridegroom is coming! He has given me precious people to stand with me – and I am welcomed in many countries by those who love me. Psalm 40:1-3 is my testimony! Oh how gracious, kind, merciful and full of compassion He is! He wants all to be free!
Many suffer from regret. The enemy used to wake me up in the middle of the night to tell me how horrible I was, or how horrible someone was to me. Do you relate to that? I learned to just tell him his future in the lake of fire, and to get out and leave me alone. But what gets rid of him the fastest when he tries monkeying with the mind is to boldly praise Yahweh. He runs away fast!
Growing up in the Baptist church, I really thought I was something spiritual, and so I was very critical and judgmental and religious. After this purging I went through for over 30 years, I had every speck of religiosity removed from me. All I have left is praise for Abba, and love for His people.
In places of severe persecution, like China, many are imprisoned for 17-20 years, yet when they get out they simply call their time in prison their “schooling”. I went through “school” – and so I pass on His messages to you with love and understanding.
But, truly, the greatest prison warden is religious control over the mind—with its bondage to man. When free, Abba is able to teach us by Himself. (John 8:31-32; I John 2:27)
1995 was the hardest year of my life, a year in which I almost died several times. But, in that year I found Luke 14:33, and committed my life to serving Him without “ifs, ands or buts”. I learned what salvation and deliverance really are – and I am dedicated to helping as many as possible be free from the lies and deceptions of Satan. My heartbreak is that so few will apply the wisdom I’ve learned in order to save themselves and their families. So many just read the articles and then go back to life as usual.
Since 1996, I’ve noticed a tremendous increase world wide of witchcraft and

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jezebel spirits. The uniting of worldwide witchcraft is a new phenomenon since around 2000. In the late 1990s onward, two new things began to be noticed as “new”, though nothing is new under the sun: 1) the Asperatus storm clouds, and 2) the “crystal children”—highly psychic children who are most likely genetically engineered children or hybrids of demons and humans--like before the Flood.
Unless driven off, the spirits of the fallen ones will keep coming for us, and we will encounter them in all sorts of people at different times, in different places. I almost died in a remote region of southern France in the summer of 2008 from an attack by witchcraft. As I lay in bed feeling the spirit of death, I called off the strongman—Death. But, when I called off “witchcraft”, it felt like a huge bolder was lifting off my chest, and I knew I was on my way to recovery.
Everywhere I go around in the world, I meet jezebels and witches who all have the same characteristics – a façade of spirituality as good Christians or Messianic people, yet the nature of Lucifer. Worldwide witchcraft is rising to a very high state, as demons are using many to curse the children of Yahweh and to try to stop His servants! The main witch who invited me to France posed as a very lovely Messianic believer. She invited me to Wales and to France to teach, which was all a ruse. She had been trying to isolate me for about two years. But, when I kindly told her I would not participate in her breaking of Shabbat, she grew paranoid and began to cut me off as one dangerous to her. Later, when I did not
die, she and her witch-friend in Wales slandered me in the UK and in Israel – but because she was a lovely Messianic, many believed her. Yet overall the attempt to destroy my reputation was thwarted because of the boldness of those who know me and love me. Abba has His set-apart ones bound together in love.
We don’t have to do anything for the evil ones to attack. We can have all doors closed, and they will still try from the outside. Satan tried to tempt Yahushua several times, but was unsuccessful, so he got his cronies to do his dirty work. Of course, he had no idea that the death of Messiah would result in our salvation! Abba always pulls of His victory in the face of the enemy.
During many phases of my life, I often lived with terrifying fear, which began around age seven, brought on by different very valid reasons. This last assignment in which He put me through a grueling test of obedience, to seven portals of the enemy in seven countries, on 16 flights, on trains, on buses, all over the world, in two months, He answered a life-long prayer. I had told Him this last January that I was going to fight the paralyzing fear I lived with and conquer it. In all my articles against fear, I spoke to myself first of all. I have never had fear in His service. I have never had fear of demons. But, fears of all other types ruled a lot of my life because of abuse. I did not know about the fear of Yahweh, only of the fear of man. But, in my obedience these last few months, He pushed me to the extreme, and I had to trust Him with all my might just to make it through. There were times I didn’t think I’d make it. But, in doing so, I found out my fears were gone, and in their place was a loving trust of my

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Abba I’ve never known before. As I like to put it, He put his big magnet over me and drew out of me what I could not overcome on my own. He is so kind!
We change, “from esteem to esteem” as we allow Him to conform us to the image of Messiah. (II Corinthians 3:17-18) He did a work in me while I wasn’t looking, that I couldn’t have done by myself! His personality is clearly seen in passages like Ezekiel 36. Though He has to judge sin, He “bends over backwards” to give us mercy.
In this day, betrayal, slander, character assassination, and all sorts of evil will befall the children of Yahweh, for the enemy is vicious beyond what the mind can wrap around, and will stop at nothing to try to destroy Yahweh’s servants.
My children finally, in their adult years, let me know the horrible extent of what happened to them, too—some things I never suspected, for they had kept silent because of shame. Thoughts of regret have been used of the enemy over and over to get me to give up. I’ve had to release the past to my Abba in order to go forward with His will. In doing so, my children are also going forward in their lives. I am very proud of them! -- I am very proud of what they’ve let Abba do in their lives!
So, my friends, I don’t give you religious hearsay. In this battle to come, the appearance of demons, Nephilim, DNA mutates, long walkers, reptilians, and all sorts of beasties, besides the usual war, famine, disease, etc., will be COMMON. You must learn to use Abba’s weapons of warfare to defeat them.
But…again, as I related in “Spiritual Warfare Part II”, you must not stick this information in a dresser drawer, and, like a scared old man who awakens at 2:00 AM to hear what he thinks is a burglar in his kitchen, who takes out the loaded gun from his dresser drawer, sneaks downstairs, and fires at the first sign of movement, only to kill his son. Take this information and use it as He leads. Don’t go looking for battles. There will be enough come to find you. Let Him guide you in what manner of weapon to use. Spiritual warfare in the hands of the fearful will produce only disaster. We must never step out of our boundaries given to us personally by the Master.
Once three friends of mine went onto the Temple Mount. In their zeal, they called out for the Dome of the Rock to fall down. Immediately, the one who spoke got deathly ill, one woman was so weak she fell down, and the other thought she was having a heart attack. The spirits hear you. If you are in their territory without Abba’s protection, they have every right to attack you.
They will speak to your thoughts. This is why we must “bring every thought into captivity to Messiah”. This is why we must have the gift of the “discernment of spirits”—spirits of man, spirits of demons, the Spirit of Yahweh.
Stay away from man made religious rituals. Do not anoint with oil unless you are under His direction! And, according to the Word, anointing with oil is only to be done with prayer over the sick. Make sure you are pure of heart before

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doing any anointing. We purify ourselves by repentance and humility, asking Him to purify us and forgive our sin. (I John 1:9)
You must discern if the illness is due to sin, and if so, the person must repent before receiving healing. Many times people come for healing and the reason
they are ill or infirmed is because of sin – and/or not forgiving others – because
of holding hate and vengeance in their heart towards someone, because of harbored grief and/or bitterness. Even doctors will tell you that much illness stems from holding in negative emotions. Unless a person forgives others, they cannot be forgiven by Yahweh (Mark 11:25-26)
My son is a bold warrior, but at age 14 he was still learning. His powerful rebuke of the spirit of migraine headaches delivered me once and for all from migraine headaches. At his rebuke of a migraine headache I was seriously experiencing, I felt five to six long claws pull out of my head, and heat go through my body from head to toe, and I was healed of them for good. Also about age 14, he was commanding a demon out of the stomach of my husband, who was in great pain. But, my son did not tell it to go to the dry places and await judgment, and to not return. So, the legalistic demon jumped into my stomach, for I was sitting on the bed next to him. I bent over in pain. Through clenched teeth, I told my son to tell it to go to the dry places for judgment and to not return, and when he did the demon left me and was gone. Many do not tell the spirits to go and stay gone, and they then come back. Messiah was very clear in teaching us this.
The demons have freedom to do as they will if given permission by someone.
Most of Yahweh’s people just do not understand the authority they have through the Spirit. Refer to the articles: “Preparing for the Inevitable” and “The Manifestations of the Set-Apart Spirit” for further teaching. We have authority, but the authority is within certain boundaries and not everyone has the same authority backing. It depends on our level of obedience and submission to Abba if He trusts us or not with His power.
I know it is hard to understand, but in the days to come, Yahweh will allow Satan and his demons to do as they will against the set-apart ones, to purge them and make them “white” so that their reward will be greater. (Daniel 11:32-35) There will be many martyrs. But, there will be many victories even in death. Daniel 7:21: “I was looking and this horn was fighting against the set-apart ones, and was prevailing against them, until the Ancient of Days came, and the right-ruling was given to the set-apart ones of the Most High, and the time came and the set-apart ones took possession of the Kingdom”.
Revelation 13:4a, 7: “And they worshipped the Dragon who gave authority to the Beast…And permission was given to him to fight with the set-apart ones and to overcome them. And authority was given to him over every tribe, and tongue and nation”. He cares more for our eternal life than we do. Suffering here on earth for Him is “normal”. If we suffer in the flesh, we will reign with Him. (II Timothy 2:12, and so many other passages)

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Appeasing and preserving “flesh” is what western culture is all about. They understand in the east that flesh is secondary to the things of the spirit. This is why they willingly die for their faith in Messiah as par for the course, for they understand discipleship and what it means to be a bondservant of a Master.
My children had to learn spiritual warfare early. One of my children at age five
was born again and filled with the Spirit and became very quickly strong in warfare. I had a vision of her at age five standing at the bottom of a huge
amphitheatre with demonic powers lining the bleachers, ascending in size from bottom to top. At her rebuke in Abba’s Name, they all fell backwards. Later her authority in the Spirit was powerful in leading many to salvation, but also, at an early age, moving in healings and miracles. She’s preached with me in Mexico,
in two countries of Africa, and on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico. Little ones have great faith, and that’s what it takes to move in this realm of authority.
Psalm 8:2: “Out of the mouths of babes and infants You have ordained strength, because of Your adversaries, to put an end to the enemy and avenger”. The enemy fears the praises of infants for Abba.
Matthew 18:3-4: “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become as a little child, you shall by no means enter into the Kingdom of heaven. Whosoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven”.
So, bottom line: To do spiritual warfare it is more your character and purity of heart that matters most, for He can train the child-like and humble. He won’t
deal with the religious, or the intellectually proud and arrogant. And He surely won’t deal with the cowardly and fearful.
I am finding that a huge problem in the Christian and Messianic world is the pride of people in their spirituality. Humility is honesty about oneself—seeing oneself as Abba sees us, in our sin, and in His love. I’ve had women go on and on about how they love Jesus, Yeshua, or Yahweh and try to convince me how pure of heart they are. They tell me they are not like the people I write about who are weak and fearful, but that they are strong. And inevitably they go on to say that it is their husbands that are the unspiritual ones—not up to spiritual par with them. This type of arrogant fantasy makes the enemy laugh. Yet, many of these ladies try spiritual warfare and wonder why they are so attacked by the Devil.
I see through this thin veil of religious masking immediately. Almost all are untested. They are like little boys who play “war” – carrying garbage lid covers for shields and toy swords. They are so zealous and gung ho against their pretend enemy, yet if faced with anything that scares them, they run to mommy. These super spiritual people have no idea what the real world is all about. They think they are so superior to others, but they themselves are pitiful. These self-righteous ones have no concept of discipleship, or of laying down one’s life to obey a Master.

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After pouring out my heart in a meeting where I taught on real discipleship, a lady commented to me: “I’d love to study the Word, but I have a farm and children to attend to”. Are these people prepared to do serious warfare against an enemy that has not been on this earth for over 5,000 years?
We have such a short time now for people to learn correct warfare. The enemies we have to deal with now are far more powerful than any that have ever been on this earth before!
Start small, but start bold. He wants to empower you with His might!
Put on the armor of the High Priest, and stand in the face of the enemy on behalf of His people. (Ephesians 6:10-18/Exodus 28)
As I wrote in the instructions: “Correct Intercession and Spiritual Warfare in the
Garments of the High Priest”) never enter into spiritual warfare or intercession without the gold plate spiritually over your mind. It is the shield of our thoughts, which control our actions. Unless we have engraved over our mind: “Set-Apart to Yahweh”, we must never enter into battle. The enemy is smart. He knows who is set-apart and who is fake and a fraud, a hypocrite. He knows who is really born of the Spirit and who is just religious.
Fear Yahweh! If you fear losing your job, house, land, possessions, social position, your family or your life more than you fear losing Yahweh, you’re in big trouble. He can’t back an idolater. For anything you put before obeying Him is an idol. Whatever you fear losing is a god.

There are three things a spiritual warrior must have and know:
1) One must be born of the Spirit and filled with the Spirit
2) One must know the tactics, position, strategy, nature, ways, mind-set, plans and goals of the enemy
3) One must know the Captain of the Host’s nature, ways, thinking, plans, goals, strategies, and methods of battle
Go over the qualifications in Part I, but do not be discouraged! You must learn correct Scriptural spiritual warfare and use it. But, do not stick the information in a drawer—use it now. He will teach you more as you go.
Therefore, the main priority is to get your life positioned so that you can go against the enemy and not have him retaliate back on you and your family. You must close all doors to his entrance, and open all doors to the working of the Spirit of Yahweh.
Humble yourself. I Peter 5:5-10: “…Gird yourselves with humility toward one another for `Elohim resists the proud, but gives favor to the humble’. Humble yourselves, then, under the mighty hand of Elohim, so that He exalts you in due time, casting all your care upon Him, for He is concerned about you. Be sober, watch, because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. Resist him, firm in the faith, knowing that the same hardships are experienced by your brothers in the world. And the Elohim of all

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favor, who called you to His everlasting esteem by Messiah Yahushua, after you have suffered a while, Himself perfect, establish, strengthen and settle you”.
You will never grow up outside of patiently and humbly suffering for His sake--not for your own wrong decisions and foolhardiness, but for His sake, and the sake of those who are truly suffering for Him.
It is through suffering that we are purified from this world. One who loves the world cannot love Abba, for they’ve already laid down their lives for their flesh.
The word “love” means to lay down your life to obey the one loved. We are called to “come out” and “touch not the
unclean thing” if He is to receive us. (II Corinthians 6:14-7:1)
We are also given the keys OF the Kingdom of heaven to open gates for the release of His people. Much of spiritual warfare has to do with gate keeping--opening portals for His entrance into areas where man has shut Him out, as well
as proclaiming His messages, which are always different, to the gods that block
the portals, also for the freedom of the remnant bound by the blockades of the
As I’ve said before so many times, LET THE SPIRIT TEACH YOU. Go over the methodology of Messiah and His Apostles in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and Acts. Learn how they did things … and copy them!
We have the ability to “bind and loose”. The best translation of this passage in Matthew 16:19 is: “And I will give you the keys OF the Kingdom of heaven and whatever you bind (lock) on earth has already been locked in heaven, and what
you loosen (unlock) on earth has already been unlocked in heaven”. In other words, we simply re-enforce His directives into the earth. We proclaim what He has locked, or bound out of His Kingdom and loose what He has unlocked or loosened in His Kingdom. We proclaim what He has decreed into the earth.
Back in the Garden of Eden, man chosen to lock Yahweh and His teachings out, and to loose the power of Lucifer and his tree into the earth. Now, the whole world system is locking Him out, and will take vengeance on His servants who try to keep doors open for Him(Revelation 12).
We have this kind of power in our tongue! Proverbs 18:21: “Death and life are in the power of the tongue…” We have creative or destructive power in our thoughts and our tongue. Your thoughts create also—be careful – bring them into subjection to the Master before they take form and cause you to sin, for what we think, we eventually do. He has allowed us to have free will, and we express that will through our tongue. In order for Him to be able to legally come into this earth and do as He wills, He has to have a loving, faithful, trusted servant to open the doors for Him to come through. Man has shut Him out. He
has put limits on Himself—because of His respect for our free will. John wrote the Revelation. It has to be spoken, as all written prophecy does, into the earth, as He wills at His timing, for the release of its fulfillment. In our calling “Come Yahushua Come!” we declare that there are a people on this earth that want His

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intervention. When we call out: “Blessed is He who comes in the Name of Yahweh”, we open doors for His entrance. Nothing can stop that. He comes because His creation is calling for Him. In spiritual warfare, we can declare the freedom of one who wants to be free, and we can bind the enemy against those who want to be free. We have been given this power in our mouth. But, most use their mouth for idle useless chitchat, worldly foolishness, sentimental emotional venting, poor-me whining, or anger, strife, gossip, slander, to exalt
themselves and put others down.
We will be judged on every idle word we have spoken. Unless we speak “the oracles of Elohim” to honor Him, or give information that will bring Him honor and bring exposure and defeat to the evil one, let us shut up.
Matthew 12:36-37: “…every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give
account in the day of judgment. For by your words you shall be justified, and by
your words you will be condemned”.
Abba sent me to open a door for Him in Alaska, for the remnant there. I stayed with a couple--a rabbi and his wife. They took me down to Anchorage. I stood on the peninsula of the river that flowed towards the Pacific Ocean, with Elmendorf Air Force Base to my right, the train near by, the airport to my left, and the highway behind me. I called for His guidance and protection when the remnant of His people, both Jews and Ephramites, had to flee. There are about 4,000 Jews in Alaska, and only about 2-3 Messianic congregations, at least in 2006. I called for an open door for His Presence and that of His angels. When I
got back to the rabbis’ house, I asked Abba if I did what He wanted me to do, and if so, what did I do? (smile) He showed me a vision of a wooden door. It was cracked a little, maybe open about 3 inches. He said, “You opened a door for me; now I will go through it”. OK – I just go and do what He tells me. In each case, He gives me Scriptures to declare along with His prophetic “message” to proclaim into the earth for Him.
All we’re called to do is to hear and obey, and speak what He says only. Then He takes care of the rest. We must not look back to see if our “work” for Him was paying off—it is His business. We do our part, and leave the rest to Him. Such is the same with our family. We do all we can, but nagging won’t work. We must not play “Holy Spirit” and try to control. We must relinquish control to Him! We cannot control demons. We can only declare as He shows us. Yes, the time is short! “Redeem the time for the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:16).
We start small with our realm of authority, beginning with our own life first, then in our own home. We can do spiritual warfare over ourselves, and we must. If we are not free, how can we set anyone else free!
Humbly submit yourself to His light of scrutiny. Let Him show you the ugliness in your own life. The self-righteous will fail miserably if they try to do spiritual warfare without being pure of heart before Abba.
It has everything to do with building authority level with Abba so that He trusts

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us to do and say only what He says to say and do--as He trusted His Son. Our authority level will grow in proportion to how much He can trust us! Success in spiritual warfare comes with experience--some things can be learned in principle, but it has to be experiential.
The demonic spirits in different parts of Africa feared me. I’ve had vicious gangs fear me. I am not scary, but, when His anointing (Presence) is on me, His power is evident. I have commanded stormy weather to obey me, when on assignment for Him, since I was in my 20s. This is normal for His servants. (Mark 4:35-5:1)
We can walk in His Presence, live in his Presence, and remain in His Presence, but the price is “everything” we are and have. Psalm 91 is for the warrior, who dwells in the secret place of his Master. It is for the bold and the brave, the conquest people, who like Joshua, are full of courage and wisdom to handle it.
Do not move out of your assigned arena until the Master allows you. If you take on spiritual warfare regarding others when you are not free, then the enemy knows it, and has legal right to come home with you. You do not want the little
guys or the 7’ guys in your home. They’re ugly. Neither do you want the tall, thin man with the tuxedo and tall black hat in your home talking to you in his slimy voice. That’s how Satan has appeared to me several times. The last time I heard that slimy voice, I began preaching to him about his future and he fled quickly!
I’ve faced powerful principalities, but they won’t come near me – they communicate with me at a few feet’s distance. As you learn to do warfare, you will attract bigger and bigger powers, but Ephesians 6:10-18!
I’ve been in the homes of several people who have invited me to speak, and been put in bedrooms with demonic strongholds. I am very sensitive to these spirits. It is amazing how much spiritual warfare I have to do to just sleep in the homes of lovely Messianic believers. Often objects hold spirits, some from ancient times, as I found out on this last assignment—some from before the creation of Adam. But, naïve people do not understand what can be a container for the evil ones. The gift of the discernment of spirits is a necessity for survival! Ask for it!
Some of you might have backgrounds in Satanism, or in the occult, or in the New Age, in witchcraft covens, or in witchcraft Christianity. Some of you might have a lingering Jezebel spirit from your religious past, or home, that has remained with you—you are jealous, controlling, bossy, and have no conviction of wrong, and wonder why. Most of us have grown up with “familiar spirits” that have been passed down from generation to generation. These are sometimes called “generational curses”—spirits that do their dirty work on families from one generation to another. Many reason: “it’s an inherited problem”, or “that’s just me”--“that’s the way I am”. We are to conform to the image of Messiah!
Osteoporosis is an inherited disease in my family, but many years ago, I said “NO”, I won’t have it. And I don’t. You can declare what will be, or not be!

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The power is in your tongue! I was told in 1986 that I’d be in a wheelchair shortly, and by my x-rays the doctor was right. But, I walked out of his office and said, “NO, I will walk”. We pretty much control our destiny by our own words, for our words carry our faith, or our fear.
Faith proclaims! Faith is bold! It obtains what it says, if doubt does not creep in. I know Christians have misused this passage but it is still valid—Mark 11:22-24. We can have what we say, if it is said because He has said it to us.
Those whose families were Masons, or who belonged to other secret societies, must break the curses of the lingering spirits. It is the same with those with abuse backgrounds, those with certain illnesses and afflictions, those with
negative personality traits, those with certain drug-related addictions, and those with pornography and sexual perversion addictions. Many spirits that we grew up with have attached themselves to us without our knowing it.
But, we can deliver ourselves by willful declaration! Speak to the spirits. Tell them you do not want them in your life. Begin to praise Yahweh, and let the evil ones know that your loyalty is to Yahweh. Some are strong spirits that require someone else to stand with you to call them off. But, always remember to send them to the “dry places” for judgment, and tell them not to return.
You have authority to call off “familiar spirits” off your children. You have the power and authority to break generational curses off your family! Speak to the spirits. Tell them you’re tired of them ruling your life, and to get out of your home and not come back. But be bold, not yelling and screaming, but bold—authoritative, firm, as in speaking to a naughty dog that is
pestering you. Take that same tone.
When someone is in your home who likes the way they are, and has no intention
of changing, yet they are disturbing the peace of your home, you can “bind” that spirit from operating. Remember: “We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places!” (Ephesians 6:12)
Human bodies, like the pigs at Gadera, or some object, or animal, or reptile, are simply containers for the spirits. Speak to the spirits firmly, but do not rail on them or on the person whom they inhabit. When you tear down the person, they hold on to their demons harder in self defense.
You might have to do speak to the spirits many times, but at the same time, ask Abba to send His Spirit to take control of them. It is amazing how He can change a person overnight.
If you take a stand to rid yourself of the rule of demonic spirits in your own life and/or in your home, you must stand firm, for they will try to come back. They will monkey with your mind at your weakest point, and there will be a battle. But, the “determinedly resolute” will be victorious, for after we’ve wrestled and

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overcome, Abba will minister comfort and encouragement. Keep your eyes on the goal – the coming King, the Kingdom, and eternal life.
In cases of Satanism, or severe abuse, or both, or when physical abuse comes from an alcoholic, for example, or if there is a pattern of adultery or pornography, I have learned that the Elohim of Israel does not want us to endure that—we can leave. He will help us if we positively confront it. Things like drug addiction and/or alcoholism, and pornography, carry demonic spirits. In this case, when one is not repentant and humbled, and won’t ask for help, all you can do is to bind the spirits and pray for His help, or sometimes it is best to simply leave and let the Spirit deal with them. Sometimes when we stay in a situation, we are “condoning” it – allowing it to continue. We often, in the name of hope, or mercy, or tolerance, condone sin that is destructive, to our own hurt and that of our children. This was my sin. I condoned evil--put up with it-- because of false hope. Unless we take a strong positive offensive position, Abba can do little to help us. Faith acts … and as soon as He sees faith, He acts!
The work of a warrior carries a certain spirit. “The wicked flee when no man pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion.” (Proverbs 28:1) The enemy fears Yahweh’s warriors.
Abba reminded me to warn you about psychic dreams and visions. The psychic dreams give literal happenings, with literal pictures … as in seeing an airline
crash in one’s dream and the next morning one crashes. These are the dreams that mediums have. Abba’s dreams are symbolic, so that you have to refer to the
Word and the Spirit for interpretation.
Be careful who is in the room or area with you when you do warfare … never take anyone with you who is not using His Names, guarding Torah, and living a set-apart life. Messiah was very careful whom He took with Him at times when He was confronting a serious situation that required absolute faith.

Ladies – DO NOT minister, do spiritual warfare or intercession, wearing pants/blue jeans, shorts, sleeveless or short-sleeved blouses, or anything not modest. Men, don’t wear shorts and tank tops—dress with modesty, too. You don’t have to dress religiously – but dress modest, so that the Master would think you look nice. A woman who is set-apart should be modest at all times … wearing something long over her pants, if she wears pants, not accentuating body form, careful to have a high enough neckline not to show private parts … though Victorian-style dressing is not required (smile). We must respect His anointing, which is His Presence! And, be aware that American ways of dressing and acting are often offensive to those of other countries.
Men, likewise: Dress respectfully of Abba’s presence, modestly without drawing attention to yourself. Don’t be faddish. Reflect the beauty of Messiah.

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Going to “high places” to “tear that devil down” – (from a song made popular by Ron Kenoly) only opens doors for the Devil to attack not only you but your family
and friends. Hold your soulish zeal down—in fact: get rid of it! We are to act in
the spirit by the Spirit, never in the soul (mind, reasoning, and emotions). We are called to die to the life of self-appeasement. Get rid of any inflated opinions of yourself—if you have any. He does not speak to the volatile soul that is enmeshed in this world’s thinking and feelings. King Josiah and other good kings of Judah tore down high places of the enemy – and I mean tore down – literally—tore down their idols, their groves, and burned their priests with fire. We are not to do that—it is the job of the Spirit. We are to declare and speak the will of Elohim.
Regarding “Expiation”: This is a Roman Catholic concept – and can be demonic—it sure is a door opener to the demonic realm. Catholic “saints” often did expiation (atoning) for the suffering of others—in the Roman Catholic Church suffering for suffering’s sake is glorified and exalted. The Dictionary says “expiation” is: “the act of atoning for someone else by personal sacrifice”.
We cannot bear the sins of others, not their sicknesses, nor their problems, nor take on their sufferings, nor their pains, and hurts, in the guise of helping to set them free. That’s soulish trickery by the enemy. It is purely pagan religious reasoning. Sad to say many Charismatic people do this. In its extreme it is exemplified in the Flagellates in the Philippines who whip themselves until the blood runs, thinking they are paying for their sins, or the sins of someone else. Catholics pay money for masses to be said for the dead in Purgatory to expedite their entrance into heaven faster. Messiah Yahushua took our sins on Himself and died for us. He was our Substitute, our Redeemer. He is
the only One who can atone for anyone else! He is out “propitiation”—our mercy seat. We can pray for others, we can intercede in the garments of the High Priest, as I have written about, comparing Ephesians 6:10-18 with Exodus 28, Isaiah 11 5; 59:17; I Thessalonians 5:8.
Only the Master had the power to take on the sufferings of others, the sins, sickness, pains, and hurts. (Isaiah 53) We can enter the “fellowship of His sufferings” as we are persecuted for His Name’s sake – for He promised us that. But, to take on sickness or anything else that is from the evil one, saying it is
intercession, is un-Scriptural and foolish. Religion is all Luciferic based. To take on oneself what the Devil did to someone else – is putting one’s self in the place of Messiah to usurp His one-for-all payment for our sickness, sins, and punishment of eternal death. Many who do intercession, do it wrongly and attract the demonic spirits rather than repel them. They open doors for the entrance of demonic spirits into their lives to tear them up and to tear up their families. Then they get sick and sometimes die. And some reason that it is

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because they are bearing sickness for someone else, when in fact, they are bearing sickness because they opened a door to the evil one by misusing the power of intercession – not knowing the nature and ways of the Elohim of Israel and His Messiah—Yahweh and Yahushua.
Much hocus pocus and foolish rituals are done in the Charismatic church in the
name of “Jesus”, or “the Lord”--and the demons go right through those opened doors to inflict sickness and death on those who open the doors. Tragic!
All religions of man are Luciferic based – all of them – and all lead to eternal death. Yahweh and Yahushua have nothing to do with them. They wow people with either the religion’s intellectual prowess, or with signs and wonders from the supernatural/demonic realm. Religion carries the nature of Lucifer, or a false humility--but at the root of it all is pride – either frontal pride or the religious humility, sweetness and niceness that is disgustingly fake—pride in reverse. But, cross the “saintly” and they’ll kill you, either with hostile words or with a weapon.
Never do spiritual warfare if you are in fear…you’ve lost already. Fear is yielding to the controlling influence of Satan and his demons!
Abba cannot and will not operate inside anything but bold faith – in peace, calm, and rest in Him, with praise, and joy in spirit. Fear cancels faith, and fear angers Him, just as it did Messiah in Mark 4. If we cannot boldly stand up against the enemy in our own life now, how can we stand against the enemies soon to come. For Satan/Lucifer will pull out all stops—everything he can use to destroy Yahweh’s people, he will use.
Yahweh will not work within a framework of whining, complaining, griping, silly desires for the appeasement of one’s flesh. He can’t and won’t use the weak and sniveling. Die to your “feelings” – they don’t count in the eternal view of things. Mature! Grow up! Be an adult in His Kingdom!
The persecuted in China are in prison an average of 17-20 years, and yet when
they get out, they don’t want to talk about themselves, they only want to honor the Savior who kept them through it. They call their prison time their “school” of the Spirit. Yet, most who live in comfort land are so weak that to go up against a minor problem is too much for them, let alone a demon. Time to grow up – and do it quickly! Stop blaming your spouse, or your kids, or your pastor, rabbi, friends, your job, your government … stop the blame game! Let Him expose
your rottenness to you, and then let Him clean up the defilement. “Humble yourself under the mighty hand of Elohim, and He will lift you up.”
In spiritual warfare, one phrase spoken with authority can bring down high arch demons – if He backs you. It doesn’t take a lot of words, or time. Look at how much time Messiah took to deliver someone from demons – about 10 seconds. Look how long it took Shaul to deliver the “pythoness” prophetess – about 10
seconds. Don’t play games with the demons. Don’t get them to act out. Don’t make them show out. Make them shut up.
Many times, parents do warfare over their children, and it is not the devil after

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their children—the devil already has been using their children—it is Abba disciplining them to set them free. Don’t play Holy Spirit. Let the Spirit you’re your children. Once they reach 13, they’re adults. Let Him mold them, even if He has to beat them to a pulp to get them to repent. Stop making excuses for your naughty kids – like Eli did with his ratty boys. Else, like Eli’s boys, Abba will have
to let them be killed, imprisoned, or taken down totally in some way, in order to save their eternal life. Don’t make excuses for wrong in your child, or in yourself. Make them tow the line, the plumb line – and you too. Live as an example of one who lives what they talk. Religious people do not fool anyone, at least not for long. Walk in the Spirit—give your family an example to follow.
Don’t wait around to do His will for your kids to follow you—they won’t. The only way they’ll follow you is if you go on to do His will without compromising or cow towing to their whining …. If you lead out in love, peace, joy and obedience, they’ll either follow or fall away…but you will drop the plumb line.
Spiritual warfare begins with our own warfare against our own sins and weaknesses. Go on the warpath against disobedience in your own life, against fear, against sin, against wasting time – go after the demons and the “flesh” in your own life – then you will have the humility to remove the beam in the lives of others.
Often spiritual warfare becomes a judgment court – with you as judge, and everyone else guilt but you. We must first judge ourselves, and submit ourselves to the Judge of the Universe, and then we can be trusted to humbly judge wrong in others. We are to rebuke wrong, but only as led by the Spirit. We will judge angels, but if we can’t even judge ourselves, we won’t be judging angels…fallen ones of course. How can we stand against fallen angels and judge them—telling them to go to the dry places – and not to return – if we ourselves are full of sin?
Don’t play games with spiritual warfare. You are dealing with very cleaver and very powerful spirits, much smarter, more wily, and more powerful than you--in the natural. It takes hearing His wisdom to outsmart the wicked ones. We are to be “wise as the serpents, but harmless as doves”.
IF you are born of the Spirit, and filled with the Spirit, then He who is greater lives within you--you have power over the “god of this world” and his angels! You have power over your own flesh, the world’s wickedness, sin, and the Devil who controls the world. HallelYah!

In review, and to finish this series, and to let you know I instruct my children and others one-to-one as I instruct in articles to all—here I include a letter to one of my children regarding their study in spiritual warfare. My daughter learned a lot about spiritual warfare from her experiences in facing the enemy as

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a child and as a young adult. Now, she is using the knowledge she learned to overcome in her own life and to help others be free. This spring she conducted a women’s weekend retreat for quite a large group. The subject was deliverance from generational curses. I asked her later on how it went, and her response left me in awe. She said that the Spirit showed up like she’d never seen before, and people were set free. She said that her teaching had answered questions for many of the women. I was so deeply appreciative of the greatness of Yahweh’s love and compassion. He had shown it to me, and He has shown it my children. One year previous, the enemy had tried to destroy her and her family, but one year later, Abba’s victory showed forth in her delivering others. All praise to Abba Yahweh!

My letter: “Dear Precious one: Remember II Corinthians 10:3-6 “the weapons of our warfare” … Being clothed in His righteousness – bound by truth, breastplate of righteousness, head covered in hope--the expectation of deliverance – Ephesians 6:10-18, and I Thessalonians 5:8--peace in our walk, protected by the shield of faith, but holding the sword of the Spirit (the Word) for offensive warfare.
Isaiah 59:14-18: Messiah puts on these High Priestly garments as He comes in the wrath of Elohim – doing intercession for His people. The “armor” is “the armor Elohim” – the garments of the High Priest.
Praise Yahweh at the beginning and end of warfare—use Psalms. Sing His praises. Praise Yahushua for His salvation, for His blood, for His eternal life, for His protection over you and your family.
We have these weapons at our disposal – faith above all, the Word of Elohim, the Names of Elohim – Yahweh (Yahu-weh) and Yahushua (Yahu-shua) --,
tongues of angels, the fruit of the Spirit (His love, joy, peace, gentleness, faith, kindness, patience, longsuffering, self-control) praise and worship, and authority in our mouth over our family to speak to the enemy and declare His Word to bind (forbid/prohibit) and loose (allow/permit) the enemy to stop what he’s doing, and go – for what we will not allow the enemy to do, is not allowed (backed) in heaven. What we command the enemy to do is allowed in heaven (backed). Matthew 16:19 – He has given us the keys OF the Kingdom of heaven to unlock prison doors so that His people might go free, and to close prison doors on those enemies that are trying to “kill, steal and destroy”.
Demonic spirits are legalists. Choose your words well and methodically. Command them to go to the dry places of judgment, and not return. They jump onto others as you know, and return with reinforcements, if not told to go to the dry places to wait for judgment, and not to return. But, they also know if we have hidden sin or are allowing things in our life and our home that are open doors for them – and if they find open doors in our lives, then instead of us

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having power over them, they have legal power over us – and you can incur the sons of Sceva situation (Acts 19:1-16).
They will fear us if we are backed by Yahweh’s authority, and they can find no entrance in us. So repentance and submission to Yahweh are imperative before doing warfare. Abba has gifted you in deliverance – and therefore, after making sure all doors are closed in your own life, go forward to declare over your family, and He will back you 100%.
This doesn’t mean we have to be perfect before doing spiritual warfare,
just pure of heart and repentant and submitted to Him, depending on Him to do the job for your freedom.
In warfare, we must never act outside of the perimeters of our Yah-backed authority. We must never declare in emotion of the flesh, but in calm boldness under the authority of Yah’s Spirit. He can only back what is within the perimeters of His will, -- His Word as interpreted by Him, spoken in His Names.
Zechariah 3:2 is the most powerful rebuke in the universe—for Yahweh
Himself uses His own Name in rebuking Satan, and He reminds Satan that Jerusalem is His, and He will rule from there.
Declaration and proclamation in warfare with the backing of Abba Yahweh in accordance with Their Word is final – the demonic world is legalistic – they can only operate if there is an open door given to them. So close all doors. You can’t have what is of the world and Lucifer coming into your house, and then try to get rid of him. If his fallen ones are allowed in as a part of lifestyle, he has every right to stay. The Word clearly states that we must not purposely look on evil, if we want His help. “The fear of Yahweh is to hate evil…” (Proverbs 8:13) Therefore, you are very wise to monitor the cartoons, and other TV media. The
TV is an open channel for the demonic to come through, especially now. So we have to hate the works of the enemy in ourselves and in what we allow--hating it
coming into our house by any media or persons.
Scriptures to declare personalized and declared out loud:
Isaiah 54:13-14, 17: Peace and protection on Jon (her son)
Isaiah 49:25: “I will strive with him who strives with you. And I will save your children”. One day I was crying and praying over my children. I had my Bible open in my lap. As I was saying “save my children”, I looked down at this verse, and read: “I WILL SAVE YOUR CHILDREN”. Halleluiah!
Psalm 115:13-15
Psalm 147:13-14
Proverbs 20:7

“For the raising of your wonderful son: Deuteronomy 6:6-8; Joshua 1:7-9
and Psalm 119:9-11.
It is the job of the father particularly, but also the mother, to teach the child the basics of Torah (instructions and teachings of the kingdom of heaven for our

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freedom, salvation, happiness, health and contentment) from an early age--beginning with the Ten Commandments, and love for Him as Abba Yahweh.
(Deuteronomy 6:6-7)
“Your Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path”. (Psalm 119:105) By teaching him the Ten Commandments you address those things
that are problematic in children in general. Examples: “Honor your father and your mother”. “Do not bear false witness”: No lying. By letting Jon know the perimeters of the commands of Yahweh, as well as His forgiveness and love, you will help him to psychologically develop with peace, but also realization that he has responsibility to Elohim and his parents to do right.
“You shall love Yahweh your Elohim with all your heart, mind and soul…” (Deuteronomy 6:5) “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18)
Teaching simple Torah, simply guides a child into accountability to One higher than himself – responsibility to be a good citizen in the kingdom of heaven.
Declare for yourself and family Yahweh’s protection on your minds and emotions. The enemy can only disturb, torment, and lie to the mind, and disturb the emotions … he cannot disturb your re-born spirit. The enemy, as you have seen, can also appear and torment Jon, so that he leans towards his sin nature in rebellion. You can stop the process of tormenting and appearing, and rebellion in Jon by proclamation—telling the enemy “NO—You will NOT take my son!”. By teaching him the Word in the home, he will have his mind filled with weapons of warfare, so that his mind will reject what he hears and sees and is influenced by in the demonic world, but also in the world of his peers. The enemy is out to demonize children – thus the campaign is incredibly huge through TV, movies, video games, and personal contact with other children who
have seen these movies, etc. – like Harry Potter, and the Disney movies about wizards and witches. Walt Disney was a very powerful Wicca witch – and most
of his messages of the occult world is taught to children through his cartoons and movies.
Declare over your son:
He has the “helmet of salvation”
He has truth as his shield
He has righteousness as his breastplate
He has peace as he walks
He has faith as his shield’
He has the Word of Yahweh as his sword (From Ephesians 6:10-18)
Declare protection over his mind and emotions, that Yahweh has complete
control over him – that no devil will take him in body, soul or spirit. That he will not be taken by the evil human authorities of this world, nor have his mind turned from simple faith in Yahushua Messiah.
I have declared many times, when the enemy has attacked you children: ‘Satan

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you will not have my children!” But, also declare: “Satan, you will not have me, you will not have my husband!”
Say all your declarations out loud with boldness—but not with anger or emotions that will let the enemy know you are projecting from your head and not your spirit. The Spirit of Yahweh only backs what is of Him—projected out in declaration from our re-born spirit, with His boldness. (I John 5:14-15)
You close doors by your will – by simply proclaiming: “We will have no other spirits in our house except the Spirit of Yahweh!” “I close all doors to the spirits of witchcraft, anaconda python, jezebel, pornography and perversion. I close all doors to tormenting spirits, spirits of anger, rebellion, the spirit of death, and sickness. I stop all action of spirits of fear and anxiety, of confusion or insanity, of control, and I bind witchcraft, and all these spirits and command them to go to the dry places to await the judgment of Yahweh.
Psalm 31:1-2: He promises to fight those that oppose you … Say: Abba, fight for me, fight for my husband and child… You can include these prayers for the families of your sisters and brother. You have bold right of authority within your family personally, but also with your sisters and brother, and their children.
Offensive warfare tells the enemy by proclamation and declaration what he is going to do or not do. Defensive warfare is not what you want – you must put the enemy on alert as to what he will not do. Once the enemy is in your house, it is not easy to drive him out … but we must do both defensive and offensive warfare. In defensive warfare, do prophetic action. Open the door, and as you make your proclamations, kick the things out – as in kicking with your foot. Take a bold stand, and then go on the offense.
These are things Abba told me to tell you, last night. I wrote them down, and this morning I am giving them to you at your request.
As you take command over your own house to allow Yahweh to rule your house and your son, then He will increase your authority to help others. As I learned spiritual warfare for so many years, when I went to Africa, I could command demons out of others and they obeyed me instantly. It was incredible. They knew me – because of the authority level.
After doing warfare, anointing your windows and doors, and kicking out the evil ones, then praise Yahweh.
But—do not put what is set-apart on the defiled. Do not put oil on demonic portals – on gates of the enemy. Haggai 2!
I am finding that praise is perhaps the fastest way of getting rid of spirits. I have had some big ones come to me recently because of the assignments I am on for Abba – and as I began to raise my hands and praise Yahweh with song and from Psalms, they left and did not return.
So always, always, when finished with your declarations and proclamations of warfare, praise Yahweh – use Psalms if you want, and praise Yahweh for His salvation – for His blood that saved your family – for His resurrection that has

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given your family eternal life – for His soon coming.
Call loudly: “Come Yahushua Come!”
This will let the evil spirit world know to leave you alone—you’re dangerous!
The more you praise and proclaim victory – the more they will fear you, and leave you and your family alone.
I know you are wise – and I simply here am reinforcing your wisdom.


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